“Infectious! (The good kind of infection.)”
Katie's Mom

“What if it comes up in a job interview?”
Katy’s Mom

Other outlets:

Our friends at TheHairpin.com posted all of our Season 1 & 2 videos here and we love them for it. LOVE.

"Meet the dubious, yet hopeful disciples of Pinterest."
Holding the Internet Accountable for All Its False DIY Promises, The Cut, NYMag.com, 1/31/14

“Lightly place a hand on your grandmother’s shoulder and tell her to stop crying. Katy and Katie are back just in time to take on the Super Bowl hysteria that confuses and frustrates you.”
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"Your new favorite webseries, Just the Tips", TheJaneDough.com, 1/31/14

"Thankfully, the funny ladies behind 'Just The Tips,’ a webseries that mocks ridiculous advice, decided to give the Hunger Games look a spin...The result is predictably hilarious.”
This Hunger Games Makeup Tutorial Is Utterly Ridiculous, HuffPoStyle.com, 11/13/13 

“Soooooooo funny...A very deadpan-yet-silly voice that is my exact sense of humor. Maybe it’s yours, too."
Everything That Distracted Us This Week: Katy and Katie Edition, Austinist.com 11/8/2013

“Anna would be proudwe think.”
See How Real Girls Put Vogue’s Styling Tips To The Test, Refinery29, 10/28/13

“An anti-GOOP, if you will.”
Watch: Internet BFFs Recreate a Vogue Fashion Spread With Their Own Clothes, Daily Life Australia, 10/21/13

"Just the Tips is everything" -Ann Friedman